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I'm Brandan Fisher. I’ve been working in Video Productions for over 10 years. I founded FishDawg Productions in Boise, Idaho in 2005 and have had the privilege of working with many esteemed clients, including TD Ameritrade, Boeing, Microsoft, and HP. I spent 3 years working for B2D Marketing, creating videos to help promote DOCS Education. There, I gained a deeper respect for the important work of Dentists, and I love helping promote dental practices from all over the country through creating patient testimonials and other videos for Dental Practices. I have had a lot of cool opportunities to travel worldwide: Japan, Mexico, France, Switzerland, and all over the United States filming. I enjoy all types of video production, from personal testimonials, to weddings, to cinematic film, and I love the challenge and collaboration of working on film projects with clients.

I am also an inventor and started a company called 4DSLR, which manufactures accessories for film makers. I have had a lot of ideas while filming out in the field. This has been fun to learn about the manufacturing process and bringing an idea to a real tangible thing.

In 2013, I cofounded Dental Lobby, an app designed for Dentists to use in the waiting rooms of their practices. This app integrates video experience, surveys, contests, referrals, and reports to help streamline your practice.

I graduated from Boise State University in 2009 with a degree in Communications. I'm an Apple Certified Pro in Final Cut and I attend several other continuing education seminars throughout the year in order to stay on the cutting edge.

I have been married to my wife, Janette for over 10 years and we live in Boise, Idaho with our two children, Cohen and Lily.